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Karen Colville is a West Coast Scenery Painter of mood, light, calmness , tranquility in her landscapes of Western Canada, she also makes Contemporary art creations, with an addition of fiber art  with considerable skills in oil and water color. Her subject strength is recognized by her Collectors is landscapes, in recent years those of Western Canada. 

Her early works were of rural life in Ontario and Quebec, Canada. In the early stages of Karen's art career, she was educated  in Toronto OCAD Fine Arts and Emily Carr in  Vancouver, Fine Arts classes and workshops on Granville Island. Independent representing Canada, as an emerging Artist, she traveled  in previous years international to learn about Ancient art history  with cultural immersion ,cultural practices and to exhibit at prestigious cultural events.

 Karen's recurring themes in her art are about peace and solitude, as a distant connection with nature, however she expresses Contemporary art direction from traditional works. Certain places are considered as sacred as much as supernatural to have the ability to increase our sense of peacefulness, calming images in an unpredictable world.

Karen Colville is a recognized experienced Visual Artist Painter, Public and Private Performance Artist in Music, also recognized as a Singer and presenter in education  of all ages. A Speaker Presenter to various groups in the Arts in Cultural Festivals, Outsider Art, in the public sector of Arts & Culture and in Community Arts as a Contributor. Karen also speaks on Contemporary art on Spotify from time to time.

 She is also an award winning Artist. Karen works with different mediums with consideration to minimal impact this also enables her to appreciate other cultures while in development of contemporary works with technique exploration. She feels that fiber art has become recognized as a popular art form rather than simply craft. Karen also creates surface design images. More to come on this subject.



 Artist Statement  Karen Colville is always engaged  in artistic practices. experiencing continued  growth with methods of exploration of materials and environment  and working with nature . Karen  uses weaving, encaustic. and natural hand made paints. in her paintings . Community and public Art has as much importance to Karen as private collections.

Private and Community Art 


You can obtain some of Karen's Collections by Auction    there are auctions on collections and specific paintings

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You feel inclined to support Karen's long term  medical recovery  needs not covered by Government , to support a reunion with her family.  

Fundraiser by Karen Colville : Travel to see family living with disability (gofundme.com)


 Community Fund raiser for the Al fares families of Al Fares Meat and Groceries in Mount Pleasant Vancouver, business closed 

  Ughyur Dancer Coexist Islamic Art  see my interior design page for more information on the Al Fares go Fund Me page for donations of any amounts, and to contact me about the original art for donation to  help enable this family rebuild their business.

MUSIC EVENT: Concurrence, Music Concert ,8 East Pender, (Chinese Cultural Center Vancouver BC, December 4th,2022 6-8 pm

Karen Colville Singer Songwriter Country Music

Visual Art Exhibits

Bring on Spring  Feb 24th- April 10th,2023 Langley Civic Centre,20338-65th ave, Langley ONLINE   Langley Arts Council : AIFS Online Galleries/Spring

November 7th,- December 31st,2022 International Juried Islamic Art Exhibit, Richmond Public Library Community Wall. Presenters Islamic Art of British Columbia

First Place Winner as selected by the Community Arts Council of Richmond and Islamic Art of British Columbia.

 Title artwork: Ughyr Dancer Co Exist, art based on UAE visit 2010, Karen Colville reached international art status 2010 by exhibit Ghaf gallery UAE, research on the Silk Road, Historic Islamic Art.

   October  14  -16th 2022 Vancouver Outsiders Festival Round House, Yaletown, Vancouver, BC

October 1st-30th,2022 Title: Amber TweedsMuir, Amber 111 Exhibit Envision Arts, Texas Website : Amber III — Envision Arts (envisionartshow.com

August 20th,21st 2022 Richmond Maritime Festival, Educational family fun painting and printmaking  interactive

 June- July 2022 Recent Educational Workshop: First Nations Truth and Reconciliation Drum Making. First Nations Story telling , Educational attendee artist.


July 2022 Nominated for an award  Lit Comedy Festival, Yorkshire, United Kingdom, Performance Art, Screen Play

May 2022  Coquitlam Heritage Society,  Art Ancient Sandstone, Van Island, where Place Des arts, Coquitlam BC

March 2022 Longing & Belonging Jewish Community Centre Vancouver, Kickstart, Art s theme Tropical Mosaic


December 2021 New York City, Manhattan, Arts Collective, Pacific Ocean Wave will be shown on an electronic billboard to be auctioned off at $100,000 US Dollars with 800 Artists, guest Artist Banksy, Sky Art.

 Awards :Karen Colville has received her certificate of participation award from the Pepney Galley in Ireland for the Secret Garden exhibit. September, October 2021.

June 2021 Monaco

Monaco June 2021, Karen Colville Canadian Artist on invitation by Artquid, exhibited her portrait of Jean Michele Basquiat , in partnership with Metro Expo and 800 other collective international Artists, ave Prince Pierre,.Sur invitation d'Art Quid, Karen Colville a exposé son portrait de Jean Michele Basquiat à l'été de juin 2021 à Monaco avec Metro Expo une exposition internationale avec environ 800 artistes internationaux. The event took place in Monaco June 29th-July 5th,2021.L'événement a eu lieu du 29 juin au 5 juillet 2021

2021 Karen Colville is a new member of the Richmond Arts Coalition BC,  Karen has partnered on a Music project with Studio 100 Music and interview to be released in late 2021.

Karen's release Rocking The Blues https://karenc1.bandcamp.com/track/rocking-the-blueshttps://karenc1.bandcamp.com/track/rocking-the-bluesv

Selected artworks for representation with the Pepperdine Gallery.Ireland, Secret garden Exhibit.

2021   is a New Year  Coming soon designer Jewelry by Karen Colville,  British Columbia-themed jewelry of Vancouver Island, and period pieces of early century Pree Historic art including the Roman Empire in Israel, Ireland.


 2021 Karen Colville's International-themed work is published in Push For Change with Ello Magazine. 3 images represented African Women, International Women, with Human Rights.


Karen Colville is also now creating smooth jazz music, Please support her music direct:  https://karenc1.bandcamp.com/follow_me           Thank You! for your support!

Karen Colville a Canadian Visual Artist and Designer, expresses biodiversity in her work, with a passion for nature and the environment reconnecting neighbors with local ecologies, community with our rainforest, the bounty of bees, butterflies, gardens, and Supernatural scenery. Her appreciation of the beauty of our natural scenery, community gardens to impacting our relationship with the environment. Protecting the Coast and Old Growth Trees.



Karen Colville's bio .

Karen Colville is recognized in Canadian contemporary nature her paintings ,reflect the natural beauty of British Columbia. Visual art,her art captures beauty in natural environments as well as the way her exploration of the relationship between real landscape and abstraction invites her viewers to engage in the moment of human presence and unprocessed environments, both on the emotional aspect and intellectual one.

Aquila Light Pictures Artist Vocalist, Song Composer, creates independent video films in music and experimental short films.

Karen Colville also creates experimental videos and music videos as an independent Artist,  Her site on Film Free way is   https://filmfreeway.com/KarenColville

she won awards in film festivals first time film maker award,https://vimeo.com/276356276

2019 Music Video Love Againhttps://vimeo.com/279392961

These are some of the awards Karen is awarded including a certificate from NASA for Music  Score and Video montages on the subject of Space Travel.




About Aquila Light Pictures

Her business goal is to inspire  a healthier lifestyle  in communities,  by creativity with their surroundings. Her  clients and audience  are mature people, who appreciate beauty with elegant style  and simplicity, luxury  is attained with ethical values and fair practices.

Art & Design

Karen's favorite fabrics are plant based, Hemp, Hemp Silk, Linen, Silk, Bamboo, Organic Cotton for home decor, fashion and she uses Eco paints, oil ( non toxic) and limited acrylic in her paintings.The top layers are in oil paint, using natural pigments of the earth.

Paints: Eco Paints and Natural Dyes.

This  is where you can find her art, interior design and slow fashion, she also sells her art and designs casual contemporary and luxury clothing with Vida, Zazzle, Red Bubble, Global Multi nationals in the Print on Demand era.


Living Natural, Organic, chemical free and as Sustainable as possible

This consists of Fine Art, Interior Design, Natural Fabrcis

Integrity, Style and Ethical Living ,

Vancouver Canada: 

https://www.wescover.com/creator/karen-colville-artist-designer   Interior Design,Visual Art

Karen is also into ecological slow fashion, she also designs on VIDA

and Red Bubble,  website with over 1300 designs contemporary and traditional works, including prints, metal works


Karen Colville's Nature Art Prints are now available at reasonable rates with framing.

Society 6 :  https://society6.com/aquilalightpictures 

this includes framed works, canvas prints, metal prints

For European Collectors,Prints are available for sale on Art Quid, here is the link to view, there is also a virtual interactive art gallery being built. Here is the link.



Karen Colville is also emerging into designing with Spoon flower: Here is her portfolio with her designs for sale.



To view  portfolio samples:



 Karen is also now partnered with Zazzle online retail with her shop Aquila Light pictures with an array of products available for sale with Karen's art and contemporary design


to view products and pricing. To order products you must use the Zazzle links on this site, or customize your own using her designs on there.

Karen Colville Contemporary Nature Artist, has over 20 very reasonable priced prints on Society 6 of her nature art, more contemporary art works in the near future,https://www.wescover.com/creator/karen-colville-artist-designer

  She  also sells small works on EBAY and on Etsy. with  Art Auctions, Karen also creates short films for major contract houses on a freelance level.

Art with Community Values:

Karen's places values towards economic empowerment and development in community art is of great relevance to positive social change, having a positive impact, also participates in community arts on social causes and is in support of ability arts with organizations  Kick start disability arts, Vancouver in support of artists making a living with a disability. Karen also contributes to EWMA, Atira corporation in the DTES, to economically empower Women entrepreneurs partnered with community Women's groups. Karen has partnered with many community organizations for fund raising for over 10 years.

Karen's  art work has Private collectors in upscale homes and offices, she has won awards international, United Kingdom with LUX Live Magazine, Awards in Miami Art Basel, Zurich Art Basel  Karen has received public awards for her research on art and the environment with nature a previous Canada Council award , with community cultural arts service awards,The Vancouver Foundation.

Freelance work is with agencies in freelance competitions by invite, her video work includes custom story board work  art direction for commercials as Topal France.A contributor to Talent House contest,with contributing to Ello Arts Magazine

Experimental arts short  music and   natural living videos multi media international film  festival awards. Her preferences for contract work, include Architects with custom  arts art and design projects to suit their clients needs.

Karen Colville Canadian Contemporary Nature Artist  a featured Artist with a 30 page spread and interview the first in the magazine's 40 year History, Land Escape Art. Karen was also in Miami Basel and In  Zurich  Basel in 2019 Karen has one numerous awards in her community and on an international level, her status is re emerging into the international art scene.